Refund Terms:

All orders are eligible for a 7-day refund period, except the "Beginner" package which offers a free trial of the software which lasts 7 days.

After those 7 days all billing and payment transactions are considered final.

Please do not purchase our service if you're not sure about using it - we recommend the free trial via the "Beginner" package in order to verify whether the service suits your needs.


Terms of Service: reserves the right to remove any post and/or backlink if that post and/or backlink is causing abuse or lowers the overall quality of the service.

Example (not final) list of prohibited websites and backlinks:

- Anything illegal and prohibited by law

- Pharmacy websites or drug paraphernalia

- Adult websites (Sexually oriented)

- Online gambling and casino websites

- Posts promoting copyright, P2P or other type of copyright infringement (i.e., replica items)

- Mass automatic spamming and abuse of our network (i.e., fair-use-policy in the "Unmetered" package).

Additionally, all users of our "Unmetered" packages are subject to a monthly limit of 150 backlinks. After those 150 backlinks please contact the support team to unlock an additional 150 backlinks. This is done in order to make sure that no abuse with low-quality content is being caused to the network.