BuildMyTraffic Quick Video Intro Tutorial (the textual guide is found below the video):


BuildMyTraffic Usage Guide:

Here is a description of the various options found in the BuildMyTraffic web app (explanations are written below the picture):

1. This is where you enter your article title. In some cases, you can also include keywords or other relevant SEO data to your niche.

2. In this box, you enter your full article body / text. This is the most important part of the blog post. Make sure to include a backlink to your website in this area, as once you've submitted the post, your domain URL will be automatically converted into a click-able backlink.

You may use any kind of HTML or tags that are supported by Wordpress, the software will automatically recognize and use them in the final post. Although, even if you don't use any HTML, YouTube videos and normal backlink text (without a href tags) will automatically be converted into clickable links by the software.

Final piece of advice - try to publish content in a similar niche to your website and article title, as the more "contextual" your backlink is going to appear, to more effective it's going to be in your SEO campaign.

3. Here you can choose to either add a picture, video or hyperlink to your article content. Adding such media helps with optimizing your posts, and thus providing an even better SEO value.

4. Select either "Standard" or "Visible" backlinks here. These links are basically the same, with the added difference that the standard backlinks have their domain identity masked, while the visible ones are fully visible. Note that these are two separate networks, and the visible network includes ONLY 4 domains as it is used for testing / debugging purposes.

5. Here you can select to either use our complete general purpose network, or to submit to one of our smaller niche-related networks. We recommend that you use both types (general and niche) in order to achieve the best results (with a higher incline towards the "general" selection).

6. Individual means to submit your post only once and to only one domain, while bulk means to submit your post to all the domains in the list / category. Please use Spintax if you are going to be posting your articles via the bulk method. Individual submissions don't have to use Spintax.

For a free tool, we recommend using the online version of BestFreeSpinner.

7. The "Create backlink" button" starts the process of posting your article and creating your own unique high-quality backlink.

8. The "Preview" button is used for previewing your post before submission. It is also used to test if your Spintax is working properly.

9. Press the "Clear" button if you need to clear all messages and textboxes inside the software, in order to start a new linking campaign.

10. This option enables/disabled the Spintax option. To use spintax, you need to wrap some of your words and sentences in brackets. Example:

{Hi|Hello} this is a {sample|example} blog post. Note you may use an unlimited amount of words and synonyms in your brackets, and you can also use nested Spintax which is basically having brackets inside brackets. A bit confusing, but you'll get the hang of it with time ;)

11. This option, when enabled, automatically clears your article title and text once the submission process is complete.

12. Press this button to return to the main Tier 1 PBN link builder. Can be also used to reset the form in order to create a new post if you're already on this page.

13. This option allows you to access the Mass Tier 2 link builder app. Useful for (as the name says) tier 2, i.e., secondary type backlinks. Don't use these to link directly to your domain, especially if it as a new domain.

14. This service is the "Domain SEO Optimization" which basically allows you to run different types of traffic and referrers to your domain, including sending traffic from Google SERPs (search engine results page).

15. This option allows you to upgrade your subscription or buy additional addons if are using one of the smaller tier packages.

16. This option links to the Knowledge base section, i.e., this page.

17. As the name implies, use this to log out from your account.

18*. Once you are done creating backlinks, you can click on the "Download PDF Report" option at the bottom of the page, in order to get a PDF copy of all of the relevant creating backlinks.


Few other tips & tricks:

- If you sometimes get an error after submitting a backlink, in 99% of the cases everything is okay, and this just means that the software submitted your post successfully, except, you may have received 18 our of 20 possible posts, but those 18 posts and backlinks are still going to be live and working.

In other cases, if the error is real and in fact no posts have been made, either wait several minutes before trying again, or try to change your computer IP address.

You can also contact our support team for more information.